Tűzoltó utca 25.: Historical snapshots

[Screenshot]I really wanted to like this one. I really did. István Szabó is one of my favorite Hungarian directors, and I like his historical and family themes a lot. Both family and 20th-century history figure prominently in this film, but the result is a jumbled, disordered mess. It’s ambitious, but I don’t think it succeeds in its ambition. The camera-work is grittily realistic, but the actual screenplay is not terribly so: we jump from one time-period to another without warning; dead and vanished characters reappear, presumably as imaginings only. The time-shifting probably makes more sense to those more steeped in Hungarian history, but to an ignorant American like myself, the multitude of characters in a multitude of settings only confuses matters.

Note: the disc I got was cracked, so I missed the last 10 minutes. Dunno if I missed anything actually important that way.

See also: IMDB.


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