Kill Bill, Volume 2: In which all is made (somewhat) clear

[Screenshot]Well. This is certainly a change from the first volume. Gone are most of the kitchy genre-homages (although, God help us, we still can’t escape from the ubiquitous training montage), gone is the knee-deep-in-gore styling. It’s still a nasty, vicious little show, but done in a more restrained style. Also, we get a lot more actual plot filling in the gaps. All we knew in the first part is that Uma Thurman got shot in the head at her wedding by her old colleagues, and after waking up is methodically hunting them down. This film does a lot to answer the questions raised by the first film, and does so basically satisfactorily. Thematically I’m a bit fuzzy on messages: is it that violence begets violence? Or that violent cycles can be broken? Could be argued either way by the ambiguous ending, I suppose. One quesiton about a peculiar plot device: why the bleeping of the Bride’s name up until a seemingly random point? I figured there was some sort of spoilishness we were being protected from, like that the was actually Elle’s sister or some wackoid plot twist like that. But, no, her first name is vaguely evocative but not actually spoilertastic; her last name is illuminating about certain conversational oddities but hardly a deep dark secret, so why all the mystery. If they’d kept it bleeped until the end, I could get it: make her the mystery woman, a complete cipher. But they drop the bomb and it’s not a big deal at all.

Other than that particular wackiness, I got no complaints. David Carradine, who had previously only had off-screen appearances, is a well-balanced contradiction and reasonably effective as the “final boss”; Uma Thurman carries the show; the supporting roles are adequately done. Production remains excellent—maybe better, for being less ambitious—and all in all, I’d say, a most satisfactory conclusion to a rather enigmatic but well-crafted start.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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