The Strange Incident of the Dog in the Night-time: The other autistic detective agency

(geekpoints for knowing what the original “autistic detective agency” was)

This was totally the big book a while back. Everyone seemed to be reading it, so I caught the trend nice and late, after it had passed everyone else. All in all, the writing’s pretty good. The narrative style is strong and characteristic, and there are subtleties in the text I probably didn’t pick up on. The plot is kind of enh, but the plot is really just a device to let us into Christopher’s world. I wish I had more to say here, but I read this months ago and my memory isn’t as sharp as it was, and everything worth saying about its quality as a bridge between autistic-spectrum people and non-autistic-spectrum people has been said. On that note, I think I’ll mention, on a personal level, that I think my personality disorder—or cluster of personality disorders, as the case may be—is not actually autistic, although there are a few autism-like elements, but I think all social-anxiety looks a lot like autism.


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