A Clockwork Orange: The algebra of violence

I read the book a year or so back (and failed to write about it, boo me), so I had a pretty good plot idea before I watched it. In addition, I’d had occasion to watch with friends previously but only through the attack on the health farm. So I had a hazy knowledge of this film, but not much.

What struck me most was the strength of the acting. In particular Malcolm McDowell’s acting: the supporting characters were OK in a scenery-chewing sort of way (in particular Patrick Magee, who could’ve afforded to tone it down a notch or two). But McDowell’s Alex catured the character right: he was sociopathic in effective ways, with facets of cold brutality, charisma, and twisted humor. That for me really made the movie. The cinematography was well-done too, unsettling and a bit off-kilter, and of course coordinated with the music. Kubrick’s coordination of music to action is always good, and it served well in a film where music plays a pivotal characterizaion role. Wish I’d seen this before. It is brutal, dehumanizing,and traumatic, but it’s so well-crafted.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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