Firefly: Unreversable polarization

Over the last couple of days, I’ve watched all 15 episodes of Firefly. Incontravertably, it is something. It’s clearly, and understandably, a series on which there’s considerable difference of opinion. Many people have many things to say both for and against this series. Yeah, it plays its schtick a bit hard, but I don’t think they make it too gimmicky, although there are some visuals which are a bit heavy-handed about the conflation of sci-fi and western elements. Mostly, I like this on the strength of the characters. The characters are, if a bit prototypical, well conceived and well acted, although I simply could not separate Jayne in my mind from The Usual Suspects‘s McManus. Related (and similar-looking) actors, same facial hair, and same basic character and mannerisms. I haven’t seen too many Baldwins in too many different films, so it was very unnerving. I’m disappointed that so many questions were left open-ended, but I guess Joss Whedon expected more time to tie up the loose ends.

I liked it enough that I’ll probably find time to watch Serenity when my life calms down.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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3 Responses to Firefly: Unreversable polarization

  1. roody says:

    Actually, I don’t think Adam Baldwin is related to the other Baldwins.

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