Paths of Glory: War is hell is other people

It’s got fairly distinctive and memorable characters, which is a critical part of an antiwar film, since almost all antiwar films seem to revolve around portraying the victims of war as Real People. This was a bit different, though, because it portrayed the perpetrators as Real People too, acting out ambitions and loves and hates and hurting everyone with them. There’s a quite effective sense here that evil is far more personal than communal, that the men must die not because France is a nation maddened by war, but because Mireau wants a promotion and Roget feels guilty. I can work with that. It’s not a side of the human equation much exposed: Catch-22 played on it a fair bit, but mostly pacifism focuses on the noble dead more than those who killed them, preferring to be vague about the blame.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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