In God’s Hands: A surfing documentary, but without the “documentary” part

There’s something about surfing which makes it a perennial favorite subject for film, perhaps because it blends the attractions of sports and travel. Ever since The Endless Summer part of the attraction of the “surfing movie” has been going to exotic locales (and gawking at the quaint native customs). In God’s Hands follows this basic trend, but it wants to be a drama, not a documentary, and it fares poorly in trying to do so. The dialogue wants badly to be profound, but it is at its best not-very-profound and at its worst incomprehensible. The plot is laughable, full of pointless digressions. At least the surfing is generally good, but surf-movies are better as documentaries.

See also: IMDB.


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I'm a mathematics professor at the University of Louisville, and a geek.

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